Lollipop Lyra

Lollipop Lyra: No space or rigging equipment? The lollipop lyra is a perfect solution. Talented aerialists perform unique tricks and can even serve drinks while on the lyra.

An ideal focal point for venues lacking aerial rigging,  the Lollipop Lyra can adapt to fit in any tight area where larger aerial rigging won’t fit. It is versatile for both indoor and outdoor locations, boasting easy setup without the need for aerial rigging.

Marvel at our aerialist’s prowess, showcasing remarkable strength, grace, and style to elevate any event. Choose from single acts, duo acts or ambient as well as aerial bartending. Plus we have an array of captivating costumes tailored to complement event themes or color schemes, ensuring a visually stunning experience.

Perfect for weddings, black-tie galas, corporate events, and VIP celebrations!