Interactive Characters

Interactive Characters: Step into a world of imagination and wonder with our interactive characters! Our captivating characters come to life through interactive storytelling, immersive performances, and engaging activities that delight audiences of all ages. From enchanting fairies and mystical creatures to mermaids, pirates and superheroes, our talented performers bring magic and excitement to every event.

Mermaid: Create magical moments with a beautiful mermaid splashing around in pools, streams, or any space. Ideal for family-friendly events and captivating photos.

Mirror Girl: A dancing disco ball human! Perfect for music festivals, street fairs, stage shows, and corporate events. Social media gold with awesome photos guaranteed. The mirror woman outfit can be worn by aerialists, contortionists, and movement performers.

Living Statues: Choose from a large selection of living statues, including Miners, Cowboys/Cowgirls, Roman Warriors, Greek statues, and more. Multi-talented entertainers who are professional, fun, and genuinely friendly.